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Wasion Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Continuous Winning Bid for Changsha Metro Project

Since September 2015, Weisheng Electric has won the bid for Changsha Metro Project, providing Siemens authorized low-voltage switchgear, power, lighting and section distribution boxes and other products and services for Changsha Metro, providing a strong power guarantee for Changsha Metro Project. The project was officially launched safely in 2016.

Changsha rail transit includes metro, magnetic levitation, inter-city railway and so on. The first phase of Changsha Metro Line 2 was opened on April 29, 2014; the first phase of Changsha Metro Line 1 was opened on June 24, 2016, and the Maglev Express Line and Changsha-Zhuzhou-Tan Light Rail Line were operated successively; the first phase of Line 3, Line 4, Line 5 and Line 6 were under construction.

According to the general urban planning and comprehensive traffic planning of Changsha, the urban rail transit network of Changsha consists of 12 lines with a total length of about 456 kilometers and 333 stations, including 45 transfer stations and 0.6 kilometers/square kilometers in the central urban area. Among them, Line 1-6 is the backbone line along the main passenger corridor of the city, Line 7-10 is the supplementary line of the city, Line 11 and 12 are the regional express lines. It is expected that the mileage of Changsha rail transit will reach 234.3 kilometers in 2020. By then, public transport will account for 35% of all modes of travel in Changsha, and rail transit will account for 40% of total public transport travel.

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