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glad tidings:successfully won a project worth nearly 300 million yuan!

Release date: 2023-01-28 Browse times: 334

The overseas market of Wasion Electric welcomes a "good start" in 2023. The liquid-cooled energy storage system solution has successfully entered the North American market and successfully won a project worth nearly 300 million yuan! In preparation for the 2023 "International First Year", Wasion Electric anchored its goals, sprint hard with firm confidence in exploring the international market.

Wasion Electric is committed to becoming a world-leading expert in smart electrical and energy efficiency services. It has the capabilities of R&D, production, sales and technical support services for the primary side of the power grid and smart power distribution equipment. It provides five major business segments: smart energy and services, central Low-voltage electrical complete sets of equipment, smart distribution network business, smart charging and swapping and smart communication power supply. We practice the corporate tenet of "Sincerity, refinement, symbiosis of righteousness and benefit", and create the most value for customers and society, so as to realize the corporate vision of "Continuous innovation, Century-old Wasion".

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