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Innovation Leads Continuous Development | China Energy Storage Industry Research Group Visits Hunan

Release date: 2022-08-06 Browse times: 322

Innovation Leads Continuous Development | China Energy Storage Industry Research Group Visits Hunan Enterprise Representative Wasion Electric

On the morning of August 6, the "Ninth China Energy Storage Industry Tour and Research Group" jointly organized by the Energy Storage Application Branch of the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association and China Energy Storage Network visited the representatives of the national advanced energy storage industry clusters in Hunan Province. Enterprise Wasion Electric Co., Ltd. research and investigation. Cao Yu, Technical Director of Wasion Electric Smart Energy BG, Wen Lixing, Technical Service Director of Energy Storage BU, and Xie Jixiang, Manager of Marketing Planning Department, accompanied the reception.

The research team visited the Hongdong Energy Storage Power Station project, workshop, and exhibition hall of the country's first incremental distribution network demonstration energy storage power station, which was provided by Wasion Electric with a full set of products and technical support. The delegation introduced Wasion Electric's development history, industrial layout, technological innovation, main products, typical application cases, etc.

Afterwards, the two sides held an exchange discussion, and the expert group conducted extensive exchanges and discussions on the current development ecology of the energy storage industry, as well as policies, standards, technologies, prices, and system security. Cao Yu, technical director of Smart Energy BG, briefly introduced the important position of the new power system with new energy as the main body in building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system, and the comprehensive green transformation and development of the economy and society; The current changes in supply structure, demand level, market rules, and user roles summarize the basic characteristics of the new power system; from the four major links of energy production, energy distribution, energy consumption, and energy storage, Wasion Electric will focus on new energy, The four major areas of new smart grid, new power load, and new energy storage serve three types of customers: new power generation companies, new power grid companies, and new power users, and help the construction of new power systems. Wen Lixing, Technical Service Director of Energy Storage BU, made a systematic introduction focusing on the company's energy storage business sector, and answered the questions raised by the experts of the research team in detail. Wasion Electric has a full range of mature energy storage products and solutions for all scenarios. The container energy storage solution adopts large-capacity dedicated energy storage cells, fluorine pump double-cycle air-conditioning system, 1500V platform, advanced battery management, and high-precision thermal management. Core technologies such as simulation design, three-level fire protection, EMS, and cloud platform access have different application values on the power supply side, grid side, and user side, helping to build a highly flexible and reliable new power system.

Liu Yong, Secretary-General of the Energy Storage Application Branch of the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, said at the meeting: The focus of the future development of new energy storage technologies is to accelerate technological innovation and iteration on the basis of long life, high safety, low cost, and carbon footprint. Upgrade, establish and improve the standard system based on the needs of different application scenarios, and at the same time, with the continuous improvement of policy mechanisms, allow energy storage to obtain corresponding superimposed benefits through service functions, so as to better promote the sustainable development of the energy storage industry.

The visiting research team highly appreciated Wasion Electric's application innovation in the field of energy storage, highly affirmed the rapid growth of Wasion Electric's energy storage business, and looked forward to more in-depth exchanges and cooperation with Wasion Electric. Wasion Electric, as a representative of Hunan enterprises in the field of energy storage, is a dazzling new star in the industrial chain of advanced electric transmission and new energy equipment in Xiangtan City. Driven by energy applications, new energy storage applications, and intelligent power distribution applications, innovative technology and industrial ecological chain business models serve energy from resource dependence to technology dependence, promote the optimization and upgrading of the energy industry, and help Hunan Province build national-level advanced energy storage Industrial clusters, implement the "three high and four new" strategy.

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