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Wasion Electric made a big debut at the International Energy Storage Event!

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At 9 am on November 24, the 2022 Hunan (Changsha) Battery Expo and the 2nd China International New Energy Storage Technology and Engineering Application Conference (hereinafter referred to as the New Energy Storage Conference) opened in Changsha, Hunan. This expo is co-hosted by Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, Changsha Municipal People's Government, and Energy Storage Application Branch of China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association. Focusing on the theme of "New energy, New opportunities, New heights", Discuss the development trend of advanced energy storage industry and the development path of new energy technology under the new international economic situation.

As an authoritative, forward-looking and professional international event in the field of energy storage, this conference invited more than a hundred heavyweight guests to gather in Star City. Wasion Electric, as the key energy storage equipment company to be promoted at this conference, attended the opening ceremony together with leading energy storage battery companies CATL, EVE, and key energy storage material companies Changyuan Lico and BASF. Academician Chen Qingquan of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academician Tan Jianrong, Academician Pan Fusheng, and Academician Lu Jiazheng of China Electric Power Research Institute delivered keynote reports, and a signing ceremony was held for 8 major projects with a total investment of 34 billion yuan.

In the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it was proposed to speed up the planning and construction of a new energy system, and actively and steadily promote carbon peak carbon neutrality. In recent years, Hunan has comprehensively implemented the strategic positioning and mission of "three highs and four new", focused on the "3+3+2" field to accelerate the construction of a new modern industrial system, attached great importance to the development of advanced energy storage technology and its application industry, and advanced energy storage The energy materials and power battery industry chain is an emerging advantageous industry chain that our province focuses on cultivating.

As a leading company in the field of new energy storage system integration in the central and southern regions, Wasion Electric fully demonstrated and shared during the conference how Hunan enterprises seized the wind and sang the strong voice of the times in the new energy era. "As the main force of the country's independent innovation and construction of "new energy + energy storage", Hunan leads the field of new energy and new materials and forms a strong new momentum for industrial development. As a member of Hunan's new energy industry, Wasion Electric is honored to participate in the The identity of the author has witnessed the rapid development of the new energy industry." Mr. Zeng Xin, President of Wasion Electric, said in his opening speech that Wasion Electric, as a national smart photovoltaic pilot demonstration enterprise and a Hunan Province smart manufacturing demonstration enterprise, focuses on new energy storage systems, smart grid equipment, digital power distribution solutions, development of new energy power stations, and integrated applications of source-network-load-storage integration.

"Wasion Electric has a full range of products and solutions in the field of new energy storage, diversified applications and demonstrations, and achieved full coverage on the power generation side, power grid side, and user side. On the power generation side, China Resources Inner Mongolia, Guangdong Hydropower Xinjiang, Hainan, China Power Construction Hubei and other large-scale energy storage power station projects with a scale of 100 MWh; From the perspective of operating environment, the products of Wasion Electric have also withstood the extreme cold in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, the high temperature and humidity in Hainan, and the extreme high altitude in Qinghai. cold and other harsh environments.” As a representative enterprise of new energy and new energy storage in Hunan, Wasion Electric left a deep impression on the guests with its professional and excellent product strength.

This new energy storage conference will last for three days, using the combination of "exhibition + conference", including a theme report conference and 10 professional forums. Hundreds of experts from enterprises and scientific research institutions are invited to share advanced technology concepts in the industry. Activities such as battery application, new energy vehicle brand marketing promotion and investment promotion; on-site exhibition area of over 20,000 square meters, set up 5 exhibition areas, and simultaneously built a "cloud observation" platform. Nearly 1,000 guests attended the meeting and nearly 200,000 professional visitors Participated in observation and interaction through offline or online methods. In the next step, Hunan will take this expo as a new starting point, continue to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, seize new opportunities for the development of the advanced energy storage industry, base on the industrial foundation and advantages, and highlight the level of the industrial chain and product supply capabilities Continuous improvement, and gradually build a national advanced manufacturing cluster.

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