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Announcement on the use of new trademarks of Wasion Electric

Release date: 2020-09-05 Browse times: 1385

In order to further enhance the company's brand image, increase brand influence and competitiveness, and meet the needs of the company's business upgrade and development, the company has applied for the registration of a new "WE" trademark. With the launch of the brand upgrade strategy, the new corporate trademark is now officially launched. During the transition period between the new and old logos, the products, vouchers, materials, etc. issued by the company with the original trademark are still valid. The old and new trademarks are equivalent to Wasion Electric Co., Ltd. the company.

The new brand of Wasion Electric is a concise communication of the corporate gene and mission of "Wasion Electric". The new trademark is based on W as the core, combined with the form of E, presenting capitalized "three", and contains "intelligent, intelligent and intelligent" enterprise Vision, W not only embodies the company name and Wasion’s corporate genes, but also indicates the future industry attributes and development direction of smart energy management. It implies that we are an enabler of exploring the future, leading the industry to an international perspective, inclusive, and Keeping pace with the times and helping to move forward symbolize our corporate structure of lofty aspirations and hard work.

The brand transformation and upgrading of Wasion Electric closely follows the new demands that are generated in the new era. According to Wasion Electric’s brand strategy development goals, Wasion Electric’s brand strategy system has begun to be implemented. This means that the Wasion Electric brand strategy will achieve new Breakthrough, let us wait and see!

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