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Wasion Electric Gains about 239 Million yuan in Power Grid Market

Release date: 2020-06-12 Browse times: 781

Since April, Wasion electric and its subsidiaries have reported harvest frequently in State Grid and Southern Power Grid markets, with an additional bid winning amount of about 239 million yuan.

In the framework bidding for distribution network materials and marketing materials of Guangdong power grid, Guizhou power grid and Guangxi power grid, the total amount reaches about 220 million yuan, including 10kV ring main unit, 10kV outdoor switch cabinet, 10kV vacuum pole mounted circuit breaker, distribution box, meter box and other equipment. This is the first time since the establishment of Wasion electric to achieve a major breakthrough in distribution network business in Southern Grid. In addition, Hunan distribution network market won the bid continuously; State Grid Beijing and Chongqing materials bidding won the bid for low-voltage distribution network circuit breakers and system solutions, which are the new products and new businesses expanded by the company. These two bids also represent the market's acceptance of Wasion 's continuous innovation of product technology.

The continuous winning of the bid not only shows the competitiveness of our products in the market, but also encourages and recognizes the hard-working of Wasion people. We will make continuous efforts to stabilize the old market and open up new markets. We will never forget the mission and vision of "smart electric and smart energy efficiency service expert" of electric to provide customers with the best service.

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