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A Letter of Solicitude to the Overseas Employees of Wasion

Release date: 2020-03-16 Browse times: 2334

To Wasion overseas employees,

Good day!

Recently, novel corona virus pneumonia has been emerging in many countries and regions around the world, and the situation of overseas epidemic prevention and control is becoming increasingly severe. The novel corona virus spread to more than 100 countries and the number of confirmed cases is over 110,000 worldwide, which has resulted in over 4000 deaths, according to World Health Organization latest news release. WHO has declared the novel corona virus pneumonia epidemic characteristic of a global pandemic.

At the beginning of the outbreak of the domestic epidemic, we were grateful for the relative security situation abroad; but when the epidemic continues to spread and upgrade in the world, you put aside your own interest while pay attention to the interests of whole, doing your best in position at all parts of the world to ensure the orderly development of Wasion's overseas business, which provides a broad sky for the company's long-term development. You showed your professional dedication and hard core strength with practical actions. Here, the company sincerely extends thanks to you and sends cordial solicitude to your family!

Overseas employees security is overseas business guarantee, while overseas business contributes greatly to Wasion prosperity. On the way of Wasion's development, you are always the one who can't be absent. Wasion overseas emergency coordination, infection control and prevention system for novel corona virus is established at the first time to ensure the safety and health of employees. The mobile phone of the members of the control and prevention team will remain in service for 24 hours. If you have fever or other suspected symptoms, or encounter other difficulties, please contact Wasion overseas institutions and offices in a timely manner. In case of emergency, you can contact the local government epidemic prevention and control department and the Chinese embassy (consulate) in the host country to get help in the first time.

We promise here when you encounter difficulties, the company will take responsibility to do its best to help and support you. At this critical moment, please also pay attention to the development and change of the epidemic situation, improve your awareness of prevention, flexibly adjust your work and life style, keep close contact with the company at any time and place, and protect your own safety under the leadership of the person in charge of the overseas agencies!

Even though we are at different places, we always stay together. No matter when and where, Wasion is always your home and your strong back. We firmly believe that the epidemic will eventually pass, and our employees at home and abroad will work together to overcome the difficulties. We will meet again when the flowers bloom and the epidemic is over.

Best regards!

Wasion Holdings Company Limited

March 12th 2020

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