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Wasion Electric Entitled to "Hunan Province Engineering Technology Research Center"

Release date: 2020-02-19 Browse times: 1517

Recently, the Department of Science and Technology of Hunan Province issued the notice on the establishment (filing) of a special innovation platform for the construction of an innovative province in 2019. Wasion electric was approved as provincial engineering technology research center by virtue of "research and manufacturing of key technologies of intelligent electricity power distribution & internet of things". This is another important honor obtained by Wasion electric after winning the enterprise technology center of Hunan Province.

Relying on the "Hunan intelligent power distribution & internet of things engineering technology research center", Wasion Electric will comprehensively carry out the new product design, new technology research and development and application of intelligent and efficient power distribution system, innovate and develop, to help the safe and reliable, economic and efficient, flexible interaction and green environmental protection operation of the power distribution network, devote itself to becoming an expert in intelligent electrical and intelligent energy efficiency services, further more to make Wasion Industrial Park Become the base of engineering, integration and industrialization of major scientific and technological achievements in the field of distribution Internet of things,  to become the distribution center, diffusion source and transformation platform of key generic technologies in the industry.  

Wasion industrial park will actively provide services for the industry, play the role of technology communication, transfer and diffusion in the industry, play the backbone driving and demonstration effect, form a technological innovation platform in the industry and field, and drive the industry and improve the technical level of the field.

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