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Important Breakthroughs in Intelligent Meter Technology in China

Release date: 2017-12-13 Browse times: 275
Polaris Smart Grid Online News: At present, all countries in the world are reforming the traditional production and management mode of the power industry, making the monopoly power industry to open commercial operation and management direction. With the rapid development of information, internet, Internet of things and other technologies, fast, accurate, economical, real-time and reliable access to various data of power management is the basis of automatic cost settlement, dosage analysis, measurement table operation status detection, load processing and other application management. The environment of implementing automatic meter reading is gradually mature, which is not only conducive to the establishment of information network for power supply departments, but also conducive to the construction of various urban information systems in the future.

Recently, 863 project "Research and Application of Intelligent Meter Based on CMC" in the field of advanced manufacturing technology has passed the technical acceptance.

Supported by the 863 National Plan, Shenyang Zhongke Bo Microtechnology Co., Ltd. cooperates with Zhejiang University in the development of self-controlled on-chip control system (CMC), focusing on intelligent meter terminal, collector, concentrator and other key equipment of meter reading system, as well as intelligent meter reading software platform. The intelligent meter reading system based on CMC uses micro-power wireless communication to avoid the construction and investment of new communication network. It has the advantages of small line modification, low cost, easy use and maintenance-free, and improves the stability and reliability of meter reading system. At present, the CMC-based intelligent meter terminal, collector, concentrator and other equipment developed by the research group have been successfully applied to the intelligent meter reading system, including civil meters and industrial field meters, and have achieved large-scale. After a long period of operation, the meter reading system is stable and reliable, and can fully meet the customer's demand for accurate and stable meter reading.

The research and development of CMC independent core software and hardware intelligent meter terminal and meter reading system breaks through the current situation that the key core chips of smart meters depend heavily on imports, realizes the localization of the core controller technology in the watt-hour meter industry, speeds up the process of intelligent power industry, and is of great significance to the construction of smart grid.
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