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What does "Electrical Five Defenses" mean?

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Five precautions refer to:

1. Prevent misclassification and circuit breaker;

2. Prevent disconnecting switch with load;

3. Prevent live hanging (closing) grounding wire (grounding switch);

4. Prevent circuit breakers (disconnectors) with grounding wires (grounding switches);

5. Prevent incorrect entry into live interval.

1. briefly describe:

Electrical five-proof refers to the abbreviation that electric equipment (high-voltage switchgear) should have five kinds of error-proof functions in order to ensure personal and equipment safety. It is one of the important measures of electric power safety.

The "five preventive" function of the anti-malfunction device of electrical equipment must take compulsory measures to prevent electrical maloperation, except that prompt measures can be taken for technical reasons at the present stage of "preventing misclassification and mis-closing of circuit breakers".

2. Follow the principles:

(1) The structure of the error prevention device should be simple, reliable, easy to operate and maintain, and the complexity of normal operation and accident handling should not be increased as far as possible.

(2) The electromagnetic lock should adopt the principle of clearance, and the lock bolt can be automatically reset.

(3) Mechanical interlocking should be preferred for the mistake-proof devices used in complete sets of high-voltage switchgear.

(4) The anti-mistake device should be unlocked by special tools (keys).

(5) Error-proof devices shall not affect the main technical performance of switchgear.

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