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Wasion Electric President Zeng Xin meets Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Zhang Zuo

Release date: 2019-02-26 Browse times: 2912
Recently, Victor Holdings Executive Director, Victor Electric President Zeng Xin and Victor's representative office in Bangladesh met with Ambassador Zhang Zuo of Bangladesh in the Isuwadi Export Processing Zone in Western Bangladesh. The two sides exchanged fully in a cordial and friendly atmosphere. Victor Electric President Zeng Xin briefed the Ambassador on the development process, main business and honor of the enterprise. Performance, and focus on the report of Weisheng Electric's internationalization strategy and overseas market development planning.

Mr. Zeng always posed with Ambassador Zhang Zuo

Ambassador Zhang Zuo extended a warm welcome to Mr. Zeng and his delegation. He appreciated the international market development strategy of Weisheng electric. He introduced the current political and economic situation in Bangladesh, the cooperation in various fields in China and Bangladesh, and the construction of power facilities in Bangladesh. The ambassador hoped that Weisheng would seize the opportunity of building cooperation between China and Bangladesh, and upgrade and upgrade the power grid in Bangladesh. In the construction of foreign aid projects, we should seize the opportunity and make great efforts. In particular, we should take Bangladesh as an opportunity to vigorously promote the development of the power industry and the upgrading and transformation of the power grid, relying on the overall resources and advantages of the Group, promote the comprehensive cooperation with Bangladesh in the field of power engineering construction and other related aspects, and ultimately realize the localization of Victory.

Mr. Zeng reported to the Ambassador

Mr. Zeng Xin thanked Ambassador Zhang Zo for his interview. He said that Weisheng will always adhere to the tenet of "sincerity, refinement, righteousness and benefit", and lay stress on responsibility, courage and responsibility, firmly grasp the opportunity of international cooperation in "one belt and one road", and make new contributions to the friendship between China and Bangladesh.
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