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How to choose switchgear manufacturer?

Release date: 2019-02-18 Browse times: 9129
1. First of all, collecting enterprise information: if you want to choose a suitable manufacturer, you need to know the comprehensive strength and enterprise culture of the company. You can study the enterprise comprehensively through website introduction, industry reputation, past performance, technical strength, and you can know the business inquiry and enterprise credit information inquiry of the enterprise through Tian Eye inquiry and other channels, which is the so-called "sharpening knife". Wood choppers, scanning enterprises with "magnifiers", can save a lot of trouble for future cooperation;

2. On-site visits to enterprises: on-site visits to enterprises, you can get a close understanding of the scale, production equipment and capabilities of the enterprise, whether it is intelligent manufacturing, whether the process is advanced, and even connect the waiting capacity, production staff dress can become one of the criteria for your choice of enterprises;

3. After-sales service should be guaranteed: selecting factories is not only about quality, but also through comprehensive consideration of reputation, after-sales service and other aspects when cooperating. Whether the company has technical service engineers resident in the front line, whether they can respond to the after-sales service demand quickly in 24 hours, whether there are special service vehicles and so on, we hope that we can inspect more, choose more, and finally select satisfactory Hunan switchgear cabinets. Manufactor.

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