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Weisheng Electric provides services for high and low voltage switchgear and active filter equipment projects of Hunan Sandton New Energy Co., Ltd.

Hunan Thornton New Energy Co., Ltd. is a lithium-ion battery as the core product, integrating technological innovation, product development, high-performance lithium-ion battery and power management, cathode materials and electric products manufacturing, and is committed to the development of new energy industry. Comprehensive enterprise. Thornton Jiuhua Industrial Base covers an area of more than 500 acres, with an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons of cathode materials and 2 billion watt-hour high-energy lithium-ion power batteries.

Since January 2016, Weisheng Electric has continuously provided services for the second and third phase distribution projects of Hunan Sandun New Energy Co., Ltd., covering medium and low voltage switchgear and active filtering equipment.

In recent years, new energy companies have continued to expand. These factories are characterized by the introduction of advanced equipment at home and abroad, and the level of automation is constantly improving. Most enterprises have begun to achieve continuous production, and the quality requirements for power supply have been increasing year by year. At the same time, the capacity of low-voltage distribution transformers is also increasing, and the single-unit capacity of transformers is 2000KVA or even larger, which requires the development of capacity to be larger. Its power distribution characteristics are: 1, large capacity; 2, intelligent; 3, miniaturization; 4, high protection level; 5, high breaking; 6, safety; 7, heat resistance; 8, reliability.

According to the characteristics of Thornton's new energy project, Weisheng Electric has made great innovations in the design of the cabinet, the fault arc protection capability of the equipment, the processing technology, and the intelligentization of the switchgear, and actively carried out in the low-voltage power supply system. Intelligent research. With the development of the economy, the advancement of technology, the need for safety and reliability, as the distribution and control of electrical energy use, Weisheng Electric intelligent switchgear is constantly evolving from function to structure.

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