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Wasion Electric won the bid for Thai International Finance Center

In 2016, Wesson Electric won the bid for the Thai baht International Financial Center project, which provided products including ring network cabinets, high voltage cabinets and low voltage cabinets. Wasion Electric will provide reliable operation for the distribution of electricity in the Bank of Communications Building.

The Thai baht International Financial Center project covers an area of about 15 acres and has a total investment of about 960 million yuan. Upon completion, it will become the landmark building in the CBD area of Changsha, and is the seat of the China Banking Corporation headquarters building.

The function of the Thai baht International Financial Center project mainly includes two formats. The A area is a bank, which includes the Bank of Communications Hunan Provincial Data Center; the B area is a 5A office building with a total building height of 149.9 meters, which belongs to super high-rise buildings. According to the power distribution design specification and the regulations of Hunan Electric Power Company Changsha Power Supply Branch, the power distribution of this project is implemented according to pure specialization. The total capacity of power distribution planning is 9560kVA, and there are 2 central distribution rooms and 2 distribution rooms. The national 220kV, 110 kV line is connected to the red line of the project, and the new intelligent ring network cabinet is 2. Elevators, pump rooms, fire-fighting facilities, emergency lighting power, emergency lighting of banking systems, computer systems and security systems of super high-rise buildings are all primary loads of power, with automatic power switching devices, and the response time is not more than 0.5s. . Wasion Electric provides a strong guarantee for the reliable operation of high-end commercial building distribution systems.

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