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Power System and Hydraulic Engineering Professional Solutions

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1.Project System Solution

WasionElectric Co., Ltd. provides scientific and diversified system solutions for the hydropower station construction (or reform) users. According to the needs of customers, the company can provide general contracting, electrical equipment subcontracting, equipment installation and commissioning, technical consulting and other services.

1.2 Equipment On Site

1.2.1 Tur bine

     1) Tubular turbine(shaft extension type, Pit type and bulb type)

     2) Axial-flow turbine

     3) Francis turbine 

   1.2.2 Pump

       1) Axial-flow Pump: ZLB, ZLQ, ZWQ series     2) Mixed-flow Pump: HLQ, HLB series

       3) Diagonal flow pump: XLB series                4) Centrifugal Pump: D- and S-shape series

1.2.3 Valves 

1.2.4 Transformer

1.2.5 Microprocessor Relay Protection

     In electrical engineering,aprotectiverelay is a device designed to trip a circuit breaker when a fault is detected. It is important to ensure the safe and reliable operation.

    1) Transmission line protection       2) Generator protection

    3) Main transformer protection       4) Busbar protection

    5) Motor protection

1.2.6 HV &LV Switchgears

1.2.7 DC Power supply

The DC Power Supply System is mainly made up by Charging Panel, Charging module, Monitoring Module, Battery banks, ETC,

Main data:

Rated DC voltage: 48V, 110V, 220V

Output current: 6A~500A;

Battery capacity: 38Ah-3000Ah

1.2.8 Compact prefabricated substation

The compact prefabricated substation, also known as the box-type substation, is a structure that equips with HV/LV switchgears and power transformers inside, and applicable for the mining factories, companies and factories, buildings, residential area, and temporary construction site, etc.

2.Management Control System

2.1 SCADA System

SCADA System (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition System), generally known as the computer monitoring and control system, is a system operating with coded signals over communication channels so as to provide control of remote equipment in the station. It has functions of data acquisition, equipment control, parameter regulation and measurement and alarms, etc.


2.2 Governor System

The water turbine control system (governor system ) is coordinated with the secondary circuits or the computer monitoring system to fulfill the turbine-generator start/stop, load increase/decrease, emergency shutdown and other functions.

2.3 Operation and Maintenance Management System

By integration of internet and electricity power technology, we can provide small and medium-size hydropower station customers with operation monitoring, abnormal alarm, asset management, and report analysis of the equipment and system, and provide 7x24 hour service. Also we can improve energy efficiency analysis and management in terms of generation quantity, self consumption power, power loss, etc, so as to save operationcosts.

2.4 Installation andCommissioning

Wasion has formed a professional and rich-experience team specially providing installation and commissioning service as user's requirement.


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