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Grid system solution

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> Brief introduction


Wasion Electric offers a range of power grid products up to 35kV. Including 35kV outdoor circuit breaker, tariff control device; 12kV ring main unit, switch cabinet, vacuum circuit breaker, tariff control device; 400V tariff control device, switchgear.

>  Advantages and characteristics


High-voltage tariff-controlled electricity sales management solution:The solution consists of the integrated high voltage vacuum switch and measuring box (electricity energy meter,

terminal, control circuit, etc.), which applies to power system of 50/60Hz, 6-35 KV overhead lines, it can be used

for pre-paid electricity sales smart management, high-voltage accurate measurement, user on-line monitoring,

anti-tempering, remote control and fault automatic isolation of large and medium users with high voltage side power supplying and high voltage side metering demand. It plays an important role for electric power department to collect tariff, reduce the frequency of on-site services and the workload of service personnel on site.

Low-voltage tariff-controlled electricity sales management solution:The solution is suitable for small and medium special use transformer industrial and commercial users, with the

functions of pre-paid electricity sales management, accurate measurement, fault automatic isolation, user

monitoring and remote control. The circuit breaker, electricity sales controller and multi-function smart meter are

integrated in the stainless steel metering box, which is easy to install and convenient for maintenance, with good

anti-tampering function, the product plays an important role in tariff collection and reducing the workloads of

service personnel.


Civil tariff-controlled electricity sales management solution:The external circuit breaker of W S - 8 0 / 1 2 5 series electricity energy meter is specially developed by Wasion Electric Co., Ltd. to solve the problem that the external circuit breaker of traditional prepaid

electric meter cannot be opened and closed automatically. The circuit breaker uses the small circuit breaker with short circuit overload protection as the main switch, and is equipped with an ultra-small

smart electric operation mechanism with a microprocessor to automatically control the opening and closing of the circuit breaker by detecting ammeter control signal, so as to perform functions such as

automatic opening at arrearage, closing after recharge and feedback of on-off stat

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