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Wasion Energy Technology Co., Ltd.Wins the Ten kV Distribution Network Project of Jilin Electric Power Company

After winning the bid for ring cabinet in Jilin market in April this year, Weisheng Electric Co., Ltd. has won the bid for five consecutive years in Jilin from 2013 to 2017. The winning bid is another harvest of Weisheng's deep cultivation of Jilin market. By adopting precise breakthrough and point-to-face strategy in key markets, our products blossom in Jilin market in an all-round way. The main products include 10kV post switch, 10kV ring cage, 10kV ring cabinet and so on.

Jilin is only one of the representatives of our company, which shows the competitiveness of our distribution network products in the market. We always focus on customers and strive to exceed customer expectations to provide users with the best quality products, services and solutions.

For example, the first batch of distribution network equipment agreement inventory projects of Jilin Power Grid in 2016, including Wang Qing, Antu, Changbai Line, Dunhua, Baicheng, Hongxing Line, Longjing City and other projects, a total of 21 ring network boxes, in the case of complex project plan, our company completed the technical drawings confirmation and production delivery of all the equipment of the project within one month, and smoothly cooperated with the power supply company. Complete site equipment debugging and power transmission acceptance.

The project adopts WS-FL-12 ring network cabinet designed by our company independently, uses the latest reclosing circuit breaker mechanism, and its service life reaches more than 10,000 times; the gas tank uses 3 mm stainless steel as a closed pressure chamber; SF6 gas as an insulating medium, which truly realizes maintenance-free during its service life.

The delivery and transmission of the project has received unanimous praise from Jilin Electric Power Company. Through the development of the project, our company has established a long-term cooperation mechanism with customers, constantly adapting to customer needs, weeding out the old and bringing forth the new, and constantly providing customers with better products and better services.

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