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Wasion energy General Contracting Xiangtan Jiuhua 10.4MW Distributed Photovoltaic Power Plant Project

The project officially started on November 12, 2016, and was connected to the grid on December 30 of the same year.Power generation, design and installation capacity of 10.4MW, actual installation capacity of 10.5MW, only it took 45 days to successfully connect to the grid for power generation. Xiangtan Jiuhua 10.4MW distributed photovoltaic power station.The project is invested by Wuling Power Co., Ltd. Hunan Branch, Weisheng Energy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. as a general contractor of EPC photovoltaics in the Weisheng Electric Industrial Park Distributed roof light for roof installation and roof installation of Taifu Heavy Industry Park Volt power generation project.

The project uses Red Sun 275W high efficiency monocrystalline silicon battery components, Huawei's latest generation.String inverter and Wesson Electric produce high and low voltage grid-connected equipment, others such as brackets and electricity.Cables and other materials are used in domestic first-line brands and equipped with remote video surveillance and Fire alarm system, fully realize safe and civilized production, and make the overall grid-connected power generation system Product quality has been reliably guaranteed!

The success of grid-connected power generation in this project is of great significance. This is not only Weisheng Energy.The first cooperation with Wuling Power Co., Ltd. Hunan Branch, and also Wuling Electric The first rooftop PV project invested by Hunan, the senior leaders of both sides are very heavy Vision, high standards and strict requirements in terms of safety, quality, construction progress, etc.Create a benchmark demonstration project. Weisheng Energy PV team's efficient response, excellent The project construction ability left a deep impression on the other side. Through the first time of this project Wuling Power has even thrown an olive branch to build a far-reaching new energy light with Wasion.Volunteer strategic partnership.

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