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Wasion energy won the bid for Changsha Dingsheng Wastewater Treatment Plant

Changsha City Dingshengyu Wastewater Treatment Plant was constructed in 2016. The Changsha City Bengshengyu Wastewater Treatment Plant in Hunan Province adopts a more advanced sewage treatment process. Its design scale is 300,000 cubic meters per day, and the initial daily treatment scale reaches 100,000 cubic meters. /Day, was designed by China Municipal Engineering North China Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Changsha Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd., with a project investment of nearly 159.20 million yuan. Changsha Dashengsheng Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction Site: Luotangwan Road, Labor The road enclosed by the East Road, the Central Axis Avenue and the Shushan Port Flood Control Embankment. On April 18, 2016, Weisheng Electric successfully won the bid for the Bingsheng Wastewater Treatment Plant and supporting engineering equipment procurement project (fourth package) of Changsha Water Industry Investment Management Co., Ltd.

The treatment process of the sewage treatment plant requires reliable power supply. Generally, the equipment is not allowed to be shut down for a long time. Otherwise, the microorganisms will lose their vitality and affect the treatment effect. Therefore, the power supply and distribution system of the sewage treatment plant is generally considered according to the secondary load standard. According to the process layout, a substation is set up at a place where the load is concentrated. After the 10kV (or 6kV) power supply enters the line, it goes through the metering cabinet to the transformer outlet cabinet and then to the low-voltage distribution cabinet and control cabinet. After the power is changed, the power is supplied to each of the electrical equipment and the power distribution box.

wasion energy provides high and low voltage switchgear and related supporting power control boxes and control cabinets according to the processing characteristics of the Bingsheng Wastewater Treatment Plant. The equipment is running well.

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