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Wasion energy serves the gas-steam combined cycle power generation energy-saving technical transformation project of Hebei Huafeng Coal Chemical Power Co., Ltd.

The project is located in Cishan Town, Wu'an City, Hebei Province. It is invested and constructed by Hebei Huafeng Coal Chemical Power Co., Ltd., and two new 30MW gas turbine generator sets + 2 dual-pressure waste heat boilers and associated gas purification equipment, gas compression system and purification. Water system and other facilities, the annual electricity supply is 419.25 million kWh.

Hebei Huafeng Coal Chemical Power Co., Ltd. adopts advanced technology to install the most advanced large-capacity, high-parameter, high-efficiency boiler and medium-temperature medium-pressure condensing gas generator set. The technical and economic indicators are at the leading level at home and abroad. Wesson Electric provides KYN28-12 armored removable metal-enclosed switchgear and MNS low-voltage switchgear. The equipment performance is safe and reliable, the busbar has strong moisture-proof capability, high insulation level, good interchangeability and minimal maintenance, which can ensure personal safety to the utmost extent.

Wasion energy provides users with more energy-saving and environmentally-friendly electrical systems and a full range of nanny-style services to better reflect the world with better quality and greener power.

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