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Wasion Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Winning Bid Dongjiang Lake Data Center

In November 2016, Wasion Electric Co., Ltd.  won the bidding for Dongjiang Lake Data Center Distribution General Contracting Project, which provides Siemens authorized low-voltage switchgear, high-quality transformer, high-precision modular precision headgear, power, lighting and fire distribution boxes, as well as engineering general contractor and other products and services, providing a strong power guarantee for Dongjiang Lake Data Center project. In June 2017, the project was officially launched safely.
Dongjiang Lake Data Center project is located in Dongjiang Bay, Zixing City, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province. It is a large data demonstration base in Hunan Province and a national incremental distribution pilot park. In the third phase, 7500 racks were built and the total design of power load was 60MW. Due to the utilization of Dongjiang cold water resources and the use of "natural water cooling technology", the energy efficiency index PUE is less than 1.2, which will become the most energy-saving and green demonstration cloud data center in China.

The design and construction of Dongjiang Lake Data Center strictly conform to the national A-level standards. The first floor is power layer, medium voltage distribution room, diesel generator room, refrigeration station, operator access to the computer room and monitoring room. The second, third and fourth floors of the data center are mainly machine buildings. Each floor has four machine room modules, which can accommodate more than 2500 racks. There are low-voltage distribution rooms with IT equipment, UPS and battery rooms between the machine room modules.

In the first phase, the total power consumption capacity of 2WKA is designed. Four 10KV lines are introduced from two different substations which are far away from each other. The whole distribution system adopts 2N structure and has 9 2000 kW diesel generators, providing 24-hour continuous power supply.

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