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Our vision:

SmartBy taking the lead in combining primary and secondary technologies, the company grows to be a leading domestic enterprise of smart distribution products.


Smart manufacturing

By taking the lead in introducing smart manufacturing technologies, the company grows to be a the leading domestic manufacturer of medium and low voltage electric equipment.



By taking the lead in applying the advanced  intelligent new energy and the technology of transporting tubes for electricity distribution and utilization, the company grows to be an excellent domestic provider of comprehensive energy service.


It provides customers with the life-cycle service with four-integrated aspects such as technology, products, projects, and operation and maintenance.


In the future, Wasion will adhere to the core value of the enterprise "Perfect work with passion, and success achieved with integrity". While realizing leap development, the company actively fulfill its social responsibility as an enterprise so that every city, every community, every enterprise, every family will permanently benefit from using Wasion's products, technologies and services.

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